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released January 21, 2014



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None The Wiser Vancouver, British Columbia

Acoustic Reggae-Rock Folk-Rap.

None The Wiser kind of sounds like that.

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Track Name: Ain't No Sunshine
Original Verse:
Since you’ve been gone you know there hasn’t been no sunshine,
When you’re in my life you know you always make it so bright,
But I was busy so you packed your bags and left,
Now I’m at home I’m all alone, sittin’ at this desk getting’ depressed, I lost it,

I threw my life away forgot about balance,
And now I’m back and yeah I’m swearin’ that I’m up to the challenge,
Sorted through all my priorities and know what’s important,
I finally got that new computer so I can finally get recordin’

Baby call me Michael Jordan ‘cause I know I’m comin’ back,
And this time I’m gonna put my name up on the map,
People they be laughin’ and be clownin’ at my act,
They be like, “Patty man your style is just so wiggity-wiggity-wiggity-wiggity-whack.”

And yeah I know, that that’s probably true,
I don’t do this music just to please you,
It makes my world bright when I'm writing these songs,
‘Cause you know that there ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.