At Least One Night (Single)

by None The Wiser

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This girl’s lookin’ so fine,
Not that there’s any surprise
Wearin’ that black dress that she loves so much,
Makes everyone in here wanna touch
Those curves, yeah look at that body,
Way that she movin’ you know that she oughta be
Up on that stage or maybe the silver screen
Man she’s so gorgeous I hope that she’s into me.

I wanted to let you know, just how far I’d go,
Just to make you smile, at least for a while,
Or at least one night.

Girl take my hand then you’ll understand,
That it’s all part of my master plan,
To get you and I feelin’ oh so high,
Can I have this dance?
Don’t talk to me ‘bout my two left feet,
‘Cause I just don’t care, got my hands in the air,
Lookin’ oh so dumb, I’m havin’ fun,
Girl give me a chance to love.

To be honest, I’m not really sure
When we left the bar for her house,
But I guess all that doesn’t matter,
Now that we’re making out on her couch,
Girl I must confess that I won’t protest,
To watchin’ you take off that dress,
Girl you look so fine can’t believe you’re mine,
At least for the night.


released January 23, 2016

Backup vocals by Aria Day



all rights reserved


None The Wiser Vancouver, British Columbia

Acoustic Reggae-Rock Folk-Rap.

None The Wiser kind of sounds like that.

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